Unveiling the Benefits of Dermaplaning: How it Works and What to Expect

Dermaplaning is a facial treatment that involves the use of a sterile blade to remove dead skin cells, scar tissue, and other debris that can make the skin surface look uneven. It also removes dirt and hair, better known as “peach fuzz”, leaving the face ultra-soft. By pointing the blade at a 45-degree angle and slowly dragging it across the skin, this procedure exfoliates the skin and helps new skin come to the surface. It can help with acne scars, dry skin, sun-damaged skin, and small wrinkles, giving facial skin a soft, youthful and radiant appearance.

Although it's not common for hair to grow back thicker or darker after dermaplaning, on rare occasions dark hair may grow near the chin or the “sideburns”. This type of exfoliation is sometimes called a facial scalpel and it's not painful or associated with excessive downtime. However, you should postpone dermaplaning if you have a tan, sunburn, active acne, an increasing rosacea outbreak, or an inflammatory skin condition such as eczema or psoriasis. A dermaplaning session lasts about half an hour and may cause some redness.

Your technician will use a surgical blade at a 45-degree angle to remove peach fuzz and dead skin cells, so they will perform a deep skin exfoliation. During this stage, you'll feel a slight scrape on your skin: it's the peach fuzz that shaves along with dead skin cells and dirt. The Dermaplaning procedure is completely relaxing and pain free. Once the Dermaplaning procedure is completed, your technician will massage a toner into all areas of the face.

This process is repeated to perform a double cleanse that ensures that the face is free of dirt and oil before the main event: the Dermaplaning exfoliating treatment. If you want to enjoy immediate results and keep your hair under control, you'll need to undergo a dermaplaning treatment approximately once a month.By removing dead skin buildup and excess skin fat from the surface of pores, dermaplaning can help prevent some future breakouts. It also slows skin aging and increases collagen production. Choose between Dermaplaning, Dermaplaning with an enzyme mask or scrub, or go luxury with the Million Dollar Facial.In conclusion, dermaplaning is an exfoliation treatment that can give facial skin a soft, youthful and radiant appearance.

It removes dead cells, scar tissue, dirt and hair from the surface of the face ultra-soft without harsh chemicals or pain. By stimulating the development of new skin cells, this type of exfoliation helps new skin come to the surface.