Dermaplaning: More Than Just Shaving Your Face

Dermaplaning is much more than just a close facial shave. It is a highly relaxing treatment that not only removes facial hair and exfoliates the skin, but also extensively rejuvenates the face and helps patients turn back the clock. Dermaplaning is the act of shaving your face with a single blade that resembles a scalpel to help remove dead skin cells and peach fuzz. In reality, dermaplaning and shaving are very different treatments.

Dermaplaning involves exfoliating the epidermis, as well as removing peach fuzz, with a sharp surgical blade and can be performed by one of our expert estheticians at True Skin Care Center. Dermaplaning and regular shaving are similar in method. However, the significant difference is that dermaplaning is a more complete and safer version of shaving. If your goal is to get rid of peach fuzz, you can shave your face and end the day.

But anything beyond that, you should consult a professional about Dermaplaning. With this procedure, you will not only remove annoying peach fuzz from your face, but also remove dead skin cells, which are impossible with a regular razor blade. While you shouldn't dermaplaning with active outbreaks, dermaplaning shouldn't actually cause any additional outbreaks.Dermaplaning offers a deeper exfoliation than regular shaving, as it removes dead skin buildup and excess skin fat from the surface of pores. This helps prevent some future breakouts and provides you with a much more effective exfoliation treatment.

This dermaplaning treatment can improve a patient's skin condition and appearance in a number of ways. When the treatment is performed after dermaplaning, you can enjoy lasting and more spectacular results.In addition to helping you have very soft skin, dermaplaning also softens the uneven texture of the skin and gives you a softer base for your foundation and makeup (since it also works as a facial hair removal treatment), which means you won't have any more pasty makeup. Kerry Benjamin, founder of Stacked Skincare and an expert in dermaplaning, firmly believes that the reason this is simply because it is a totally misunderstood concept.Chemical peels and scrubs are the most popular methods, but one technique in particular dermaplaning goes a step further and also removes that fine, curly hair from the face. The fact that dermaplaning requires the use of a very sharp surgical blade should serve as an indicator that this treatment is best performed in the office by an experienced, licensed professional.People who have tried dermaplaning were enthusiastic about its ability to maintain a youthful, bright and fresh look.

Another reason to dermaplanar? There is no risk of hyperpigmentation for women with deeper skin tones and darker hair, unlike waxing and laser hair removal. Frieling adds that dermaplaning allows your products to penetrate more easily and make your makeup glide more easily.But isn't that the same as shaving? And it can't be done at home? Although similar in concept to shaving, the dermaplaning offered by Franklin Skin and Laser in Franklin, TN, is much more precise and beneficial to the skin than shaving.